Actually that is rather a simplistic and misdirected definition of the problem: It is not spending, it is spending on what and at what return; it is spending and not taxing over a long period (that is a big problem). In the US we do not take care or invest in the Commons.  A very well educated, healthy, work force, in a healthy and safe living and working environment, with sound infrastructure and research and development cooperation between private and public sectors will do quite well for the people and the governments.
We spend foolishly on a Cold War model, reward global corporations with tax loopholes, have a screwed up view of crime and public safety, immigration, education, welfare, energy, and allow common thieves to decide financial regulations and health care costs. We spend ourselves stupid on consumer products and not on wealth creation, education, health, infrastructure, R&D. We give subsidies and tax breaks to help industry compete with outdated practices, instead of modernizing or change to be better. We have met the enemy and they are… Teabaggers, Neocon-Republicans, Wall Street, healthcare industries and the puppets on their strings.


No News Bulletin:
The Republican “leadership” in Congress is opposing Consumer Protection as part of financial reform. The whole point of financial reform is to keep the thieving $#@#$% in Wall Street from stealing from American and worldwide consumers. The Republicans, of course, are fighting to allow the Robber Barons to keep manipulating phony derivatives and abscond with billions of dollars American men and women earned. The tragedy of all this; that is exactly what we expect from them.

Does anyone really think that they Republicans care about any part of consumer protection? There is no substantive work showing they do. None. Did the GOP have any reasonable plan for health care reform? Any? None. Financial reform? None.

Here is the actual political scene: The Tea Baggers, a white, middle aged, well-off group, consisting of mostly racists and homophobes, are angry because they think they are losing control and think they will lose their extra pair of snuggies and their 5 TV’s because of the economy failing, because of young people and Liberals and because a Black man became President. They scare the already right-wing neo-con Republicans and push them further to the Right. Consequently they will oppose any corrective action for America’s needs, for the young, for the women, for minorities, for the LGBT, for those out of work, for education, for energy, for the environment.

They will protect the multi-national and mega-corporations and their world view that the poor deserve it. Archie Bunker, all, without the sense of humor or compassion.

Whatever happened to the Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower?

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? Intellectual lightweights, leading the GOP into total  irrelevancy.

We have over 2 million farms, with over 930,000,000 acres in production. We can feed ourselves and export over $70 billion dollars worth of agriculutural products; we import over $6 billion worth for a net of $64 billion.

.We are capable of producing over $13 trillion in gross domestic product. We did in 2006.

We have over 6 million employers, with a labor force of 155 million people between 16 and 65 who want to work.

We have 10 million who are not working but want to, unfortunately, that number will cost us into the billions. Although quality is slipping rapidly, we have over 125,000 public and private elementary and secondary schools educating over 48 million students, with over 3 million teachers. We also have a strong cultural tradition of education. Over 85% of our adults have graduated from high school We have over 17 million enrolled in higher education. We have 28% of our national population with Bachelors degrees. We have a tradition of excellent higher education.

We have over 4 million miles of roads connecting the nation, with 3 million rural miles connecting our cities and towns.

We are a nation of entrepreneurs… Over 500,000 new businesses starting every month, from 1994 to 2007, and although 70% will not be open in 10 years, 30% of them will. That is 150,000 a month.

We are a nation that combines diversity, democracy and capitalism in manner that allows change, creativity, freedom of ideas and constant improvement. Our official “systems” do not impede economic activity, in spite of complaints of red tape and bureaucracy. Research, development, production, marketing and growth are up to us. There is always money available for really good ideas backed by excellent people. We are lacking really good ideas. Hence… think harder.

I have a simple request. All those folks out there in the United States of America and the rest of the world who actually think that a President John McCain with Sarah Palin as VP, or Mitt “doublespeak” Romney, or Mike Huckabee, and a US Senate and US House with a Republican majorities would pass any meaningful health care reform, any financial institution regulation, any credit card reform, any student loan reform, any green energy and pro-environmental laws or regulations, or any regulatory changes to increase any level of equality for lesbian and gay American citizens, please send me $100 that I may spend as I see fit. It will be deeply appreciated.
On another point: The recession and having an Afro-American President has sure caused strange people to crawl out from under rocks and from deep in caves and push their bangs out of their eye; such venom, hatred, lying and stupidity I cannot remember in our political discourse, ever, in my 68 years, or in my extensive study of American history, with the possible exception of drunken debates over slavery and the fight for civil rights. I had sincerely hoped that after trillions of dollars being spent over the last 300 years on education we might have a slightly smarter and well mannered and coherent populace.

I left the crazies on the Right and feel redeemed. However, I do not have to agree with everything my new friends in the Progressive Movement propose. On Sunday I attended, as a delegate, the Democratic convention in my congressional district. One of the proposed resolutions was to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, as we do alcohol and tobacco.
Alcohol and tobacco have cost the people of this nation more in money and death than any other preventable and avoidable cause, depending upon one’s view of our wars. I cannot, in good conscience, add another. I will be told that pot does not harm like alcohol and tobacco. In excess it does, and although the health impact on the user may be minimal in the instant, it is is there in the long run and a “stoned” driver, machine operator, employee is a danger to others, harms the work product and costs money.
I cannot make that leap.
If we wish to tax and regulate something that will help the health of the nation, lets levy it onto high fructose corn syrup. We are becoming the “Children of the Corn.”

Ann Coulter is quoted as saying, unbelievably, “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”
Her only regret about McVeigh???
What about the 168 children, women and men who died in
Oklahoma City on that April 19th?
That is sick, I’m no shrink, but she has a screw loose or missing…
Moronic. Even worse… there are people who like her.

Mitt Romney defeated Dr. Ron Paul by one vote. Interesting, Dr. Paul, very conservative and honest, avoiding silly cliches, gets beat by a man with little regard for truth or consistency and who talks out of both sides of his mouth.
Sarah Palin actually gathered votes for President, a real intellectual vacuum tied with Newt Gingrich, a Ph.D, hypocrite of the worst kind.
Huckabee a Southern Preacher, with a disarming sense of humor, who thinks lesbians and gays want to marry their pets gained a few votes.
Haley Barbour, appealing to the Klan in his speech, wasn’t listed, but was there campaigning and reminded us all of just how racist the GOP has become. Former Pennsylvania Senator,Rick Santorum, who once said Catholic Priest pedophilia originated in Massachusetts because it was so liberal, ignoring he fact that there were more cases in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania than Boston and Massachusetts, was also on the list. Minnesota Governor Pawlenty was there, but no one knows why.
All in all, Snow White, several dwarfs, and Ron Paul, ultra conservative, smart, honest and would be a great 19th century President.

Mark Williams, the self appointed leader for the Teabaggers says that they are on a RINO (Republican in Name Only) hunt and Republicans who do not think as the Teabaggers think will be defeated and/or run out of the Party. What’s new,, that has been the way of the Republican Party since the evangelicals took over the GOP in the late 70’s and early 90’s. I was a Republican campaign consultant for over 30 years…. till I just couldn’t vote and hold my nose at the same time.
So, Maybe Williams hasn’t heard:
1. The Nazis lost in WWII.
2. The Klan is hiding in the sheet house.
3. Americans will always have lots of different ideas; it is the diversity of thought that helps makes us strong.
I actually think his bangs are covering the eye in the middle of his forehead.
My Party left me so now I am very happy to be a Democrat and like most converts I am now a zealot and will work my butt off against these Inquisitors and Brownshirts..

Newt Gingrich, Ph.D. in history, gets an “F” in… history. In calling President Obama the most “radical President in history” Newt fails even elementary historical analysis and contextual evaluation. President Washington did things that never been done before, Jefferson said things about man and government that were really radical, Jackson snubbed the Supreme Court and did as he damned pleased, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, abolished a constitutionally protected institution called slavery, FDR… wow… Social Security, WPA, and dozens of new roles for government, Truman and the railroads, Truman and steel, Truman and the creation of Israel, Truman firing MacArthur, Truman and Korea, Eisenhower and the use of troops to integrate southern schools, Eisenhower and Atoms for Peace, Eisenhower’s warning of the military-industrial complex, JFK and Civil Rights legislation, JFK and NASA and the moon, JFK and the Peace Corps, JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis, LBJ and civil rights legislation, LBJ and Vietnam, Nixon and starting the EPA, Nixon and rent controls, Nixon and opening relations with China, Nixon, and Watergate, Reagan and a pact with the Pope to bring down Communism in Eastern Europe, Reagan’s decision to bankrupt the Soviet Union though an arm’s race, and George W. Bush’s totally radical dismantling of financial institution regulation, a pack of lies and a war with no money for it in Iraq, and the growth of debt under GW Bush.
You see, I know a little history too. I also have a Ph.D. and I know the “academy” frowns upon bear scat such as Newt Gingrich just put out.
And why I am at it. His constant calling upon God and blasting secularism is simply his search and need for a personal redemption. His personal life for years would make the Marquis d’ Sade blush. Decorum prohibits me from even writing about it.
And, he thinks Sarah is special. Be careful Sarah, he is a bad boy.

I don’t care what the teachers’ say, they have the kids 8 hours a day. I don’t care what the parent or parents say, you had these children, raise them. I don’t care what the taxpayers say, it is better for you and better for our nation if we are all educated to the highest degree we are capable of handling and desire. And, we ought to make it so everybody wants some and everybody wants more.

45 million American adults read below the 8th grade level. 47% of job applicants cannot read or write well enough to fill out a job application correctly.

Among 29 nations in the developed world the USA ranks 24th in math, 15th in reading, and 19th in science.

US Eighth Graders “proficient in”: Reading 29%, Math 28%.

In 2007, 21 percent of Afro-Americans between 16 and 24 dropped out of high school, with 27.5 percent of Latinos and 12.2 percent of white students doing the same; nearly 19 percent of all young men quit school before they finished.

Economic disadvantage certainly follows.

This nation, if it has the will, certainly can afford the research and the
development of schools and educational systems our young people will be anxious to attend, regardless of color, language difficulties, problems or poverty at home. The fact we are not developing such educational opportunities is indicative of shortsighted economics and a frightening inhumanity. There is just no other way to state it. To fail to build and operate an educational system that holds and enriches all our young people is just another form of class hatred.

43% of community college students require remedial work, 29% of those at 4 year universities. (USA Today) 44% of US university faculty surveyed stated that incoming freshmen are not prepared to write at a freshman level. (Chronicle)

As a college instructor I have experienced this first hand. High school graduates who cannot write a single grammatically correct paper of 5 pages in length far out number the ones that can. I do not know what the high school English teachers are teaching, but it is not basic writing skills. And, it is their responsibility to see that their students learn how, in spite of poor support by many parents. I am a teacher; the job is about learning, not teaching! We are also educating for yesterday’s jobs and careers, not tomorrow’s; that will lead to more economic failure for individuals and the nation.

Only 60 percent of those trained to be teachers move directly into teaching jobs, and of those who do, only 50 to 60 percent will still be teaching five years after entering the profession. Due to low salaries, poor administrative support, student discipline problems, lack of faculty influence and autonomy, and poor student motivation, many teachers change jobs each year and many leave the profession altogether. (American Association of State Colleges and Universities)

State support of public universities has fallen for 7 straight years and has been the first bite out of state budgets when revenues are tight. Other social programs compete for the money, the cost can be passed onto tuition and fees, forcing a university to become more an elitist program.

There is an incongruity in legislative approval of buildings and not more instructors or faculty, when many classrooms are empty most of the time.The University curriculum is very often outdated and inadequate and very difficult to change. Our excellent tradition of outstanding higher education is in serious trouble.

In the 21st century, this educational system may completely fail us. It needs drastic reform.

Our best way for lasting economic success for the nation is to have the best educational opportunities in the world, from womb to tomb, from pre-K through Post-Doctoral, with access and affordability for all.

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