I have a simple request. All those folks out there in the United States of America and the rest of the world who actually think that a President John McCain with Sarah Palin as VP, or Mitt “doublespeak” Romney, or Mike Huckabee, and a US Senate and US House with a Republican majorities would pass any meaningful health care reform, any financial institution regulation, any credit card reform, any student loan reform, any green energy and pro-environmental laws or regulations, or any regulatory changes to increase any level of equality for lesbian and gay American citizens, please send me $100 that I may spend as I see fit. It will be deeply appreciated.
On another point: The recession and having an Afro-American President has sure caused strange people to crawl out from under rocks and from deep in caves and push their bangs out of their eye; such venom, hatred, lying and stupidity I cannot remember in our political discourse, ever, in my 68 years, or in my extensive study of American history, with the possible exception of drunken debates over slavery and the fight for civil rights. I had sincerely hoped that after trillions of dollars being spent over the last 300 years on education we might have a slightly smarter and well mannered and coherent populace.