No News Bulletin:
The Republican “leadership” in Congress is opposing Consumer Protection as part of financial reform. The whole point of financial reform is to keep the thieving $#@#$% in Wall Street from stealing from American and worldwide consumers. The Republicans, of course, are fighting to allow the Robber Barons to keep manipulating phony derivatives and abscond with billions of dollars American men and women earned. The tragedy of all this; that is exactly what we expect from them.

Does anyone really think that they Republicans care about any part of consumer protection? There is no substantive work showing they do. None. Did the GOP have any reasonable plan for health care reform? Any? None. Financial reform? None.

Here is the actual political scene: The Tea Baggers, a white, middle aged, well-off group, consisting of mostly racists and homophobes, are angry because they think they are losing control and think they will lose their extra pair of snuggies and their 5 TV’s because of the economy failing, because of young people and Liberals and because a Black man became President. They scare the already right-wing neo-con Republicans and push them further to the Right. Consequently they will oppose any corrective action for America’s needs, for the young, for the women, for minorities, for the LGBT, for those out of work, for education, for energy, for the environment.

They will protect the multi-national and mega-corporations and their world view that the poor deserve it. Archie Bunker, all, without the sense of humor or compassion.

Whatever happened to the Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower?

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell? Intellectual lightweights, leading the GOP into total  irrelevancy.