Newt Gingrich, Ph.D. in history, gets an “F” in… history. In calling President Obama the most “radical President in history” Newt fails even elementary historical analysis and contextual evaluation. President Washington did things that never been done before, Jefferson said things about man and government that were really radical, Jackson snubbed the Supreme Court and did as he damned pleased, Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, abolished a constitutionally protected institution called slavery, FDR… wow… Social Security, WPA, and dozens of new roles for government, Truman and the railroads, Truman and steel, Truman and the creation of Israel, Truman firing MacArthur, Truman and Korea, Eisenhower and the use of troops to integrate southern schools, Eisenhower and Atoms for Peace, Eisenhower’s warning of the military-industrial complex, JFK and Civil Rights legislation, JFK and NASA and the moon, JFK and the Peace Corps, JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis, LBJ and civil rights legislation, LBJ and Vietnam, Nixon and starting the EPA, Nixon and rent controls, Nixon and opening relations with China, Nixon, and Watergate, Reagan and a pact with the Pope to bring down Communism in Eastern Europe, Reagan’s decision to bankrupt the Soviet Union though an arm’s race, and George W. Bush’s totally radical dismantling of financial institution regulation, a pack of lies and a war with no money for it in Iraq, and the growth of debt under GW Bush.
You see, I know a little history too. I also have a Ph.D. and I know the “academy” frowns upon bear scat such as Newt Gingrich just put out.
And why I am at it. His constant calling upon God and blasting secularism is simply his search and need for a personal redemption. His personal life for years would make the Marquis d’ Sade blush. Decorum prohibits me from even writing about it.
And, he thinks Sarah is special. Be careful Sarah, he is a bad boy.