Mitt Romney defeated Dr. Ron Paul by one vote. Interesting, Dr. Paul, very conservative and honest, avoiding silly cliches, gets beat by a man with little regard for truth or consistency and who talks out of both sides of his mouth.
Sarah Palin actually gathered votes for President, a real intellectual vacuum tied with Newt Gingrich, a Ph.D, hypocrite of the worst kind.
Huckabee a Southern Preacher, with a disarming sense of humor, who thinks lesbians and gays want to marry their pets gained a few votes.
Haley Barbour, appealing to the Klan in his speech, wasn’t listed, but was there campaigning and reminded us all of just how racist the GOP has become. Former Pennsylvania Senator,Rick Santorum, who once said Catholic Priest pedophilia originated in Massachusetts because it was so liberal, ignoring he fact that there were more cases in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania than Boston and Massachusetts, was also on the list. Minnesota Governor Pawlenty was there, but no one knows why.
All in all, Snow White, several dwarfs, and Ron Paul, ultra conservative, smart, honest and would be a great 19th century President.