We have over 2 million farms, with over 930,000,000 acres in production. We can feed ourselves and export over $70 billion dollars worth of agriculutural products; we import over $6 billion worth for a net of $64 billion.

.We are capable of producing over $13 trillion in gross domestic product. We did in 2006.

We have over 6 million employers, with a labor force of 155 million people between 16 and 65 who want to work.

We have 10 million who are not working but want to, unfortunately, that number will cost us into the billions. Although quality is slipping rapidly, we have over 125,000 public and private elementary and secondary schools educating over 48 million students, with over 3 million teachers. We also have a strong cultural tradition of education. Over 85% of our adults have graduated from high school We have over 17 million enrolled in higher education. We have 28% of our national population with Bachelors degrees. We have a tradition of excellent higher education.

We have over 4 million miles of roads connecting the nation, with 3 million rural miles connecting our cities and towns.

We are a nation of entrepreneurs… Over 500,000 new businesses starting every month, from 1994 to 2007, and although 70% will not be open in 10 years, 30% of them will. That is 150,000 a month.

We are a nation that combines diversity, democracy and capitalism in manner that allows change, creativity, freedom of ideas and constant improvement. Our official “systems” do not impede economic activity, in spite of complaints of red tape and bureaucracy. Research, development, production, marketing and growth are up to us. There is always money available for really good ideas backed by excellent people. We are lacking really good ideas. Hence… think harder.