I don’t care what the teachers’ say, they have the kids 8 hours a day. I don’t care what the parent or parents say, you had these children, raise them. I don’t care what the taxpayers say, it is better for you and better for our nation if we are all educated to the highest degree we are capable of handling and desire. And, we ought to make it so everybody wants some and everybody wants more.

45 million American adults read below the 8th grade level. 47% of job applicants cannot read or write well enough to fill out a job application correctly.

Among 29 nations in the developed world the USA ranks 24th in math, 15th in reading, and 19th in science.

US Eighth Graders “proficient in”: Reading 29%, Math 28%.

In 2007, 21 percent of Afro-Americans between 16 and 24 dropped out of high school, with 27.5 percent of Latinos and 12.2 percent of white students doing the same; nearly 19 percent of all young men quit school before they finished.

Economic disadvantage certainly follows.

This nation, if it has the will, certainly can afford the research and the
development of schools and educational systems our young people will be anxious to attend, regardless of color, language difficulties, problems or poverty at home. The fact we are not developing such educational opportunities is indicative of shortsighted economics and a frightening inhumanity. There is just no other way to state it. To fail to build and operate an educational system that holds and enriches all our young people is just another form of class hatred.

43% of community college students require remedial work, 29% of those at 4 year universities. (USA Today) 44% of US university faculty surveyed stated that incoming freshmen are not prepared to write at a freshman level. (Chronicle)

As a college instructor I have experienced this first hand. High school graduates who cannot write a single grammatically correct paper of 5 pages in length far out number the ones that can. I do not know what the high school English teachers are teaching, but it is not basic writing skills. And, it is their responsibility to see that their students learn how, in spite of poor support by many parents. I am a teacher; the job is about learning, not teaching! We are also educating for yesterday’s jobs and careers, not tomorrow’s; that will lead to more economic failure for individuals and the nation.

Only 60 percent of those trained to be teachers move directly into teaching jobs, and of those who do, only 50 to 60 percent will still be teaching five years after entering the profession. Due to low salaries, poor administrative support, student discipline problems, lack of faculty influence and autonomy, and poor student motivation, many teachers change jobs each year and many leave the profession altogether. (American Association of State Colleges and Universities)

State support of public universities has fallen for 7 straight years and has been the first bite out of state budgets when revenues are tight. Other social programs compete for the money, the cost can be passed onto tuition and fees, forcing a university to become more an elitist program.

There is an incongruity in legislative approval of buildings and not more instructors or faculty, when many classrooms are empty most of the time.The University curriculum is very often outdated and inadequate and very difficult to change. Our excellent tradition of outstanding higher education is in serious trouble.

In the 21st century, this educational system may completely fail us. It needs drastic reform.

Our best way for lasting economic success for the nation is to have the best educational opportunities in the world, from womb to tomb, from pre-K through Post-Doctoral, with access and affordability for all.