House GOP Whip Eric Cantor flat out lied about his office being shot up over the health care legislation. And, he admits it.

Several Democrats have had death threats, racial slurs, anonymous ugly phone calls, vandalism, thrown at them. So along comes

this so-called leader and makes up a story. He joins Silly Sarah in being unable to recognize the truth.

I’ve said it before and I say it again, the Republican Party is in desperate need of leadership. Limbaugh, Coulter, Steele, McConnell, Boehner and Cantor, clowns not leaders. To lead means you are going somewhere. This bunch is clueless.

I very clearly remember Chuck Percy, Dan Evans, John Anderson, Bob Ray, Nelson Rockefeller, Dwight Eisenhower… Republicans with foresight.

The present batch is hopeless. And.. they appear to speak with forked tongues.